Our new CTO and the future of Entryless

I am really happy to welcome Sukanta Ganguly as the new Entryless Chief Technical Officer. There are not a lot of people that have the experience and capability to continuously innovate a service like ours. We are fortunate to have him.

Now that we are launching Seamless Payments, it might seem that most of the technical heavy lifting is done here. That would be true if bill payment automation was all we thought about.

I think of Entryless as not a company built around a product, but built around our client’s needs. We want to provide the automation that will relieve business people and accountants of slow, repetitive, error prone process.

We started with bill entry. I knew we could make a dramatic difference there, and we are. Sukanta is going to help us refine our existing service, and to take on the next challenge.

Sukanta knows how to approach a complex challenge. He holds a PhD in Transdisciplinary Systems Engineering. He has four patents to his name. He has worked in the labs and development teams of big companies and headed up the technical teams for startups.

On a previous project, he worked to develop micro payments systems that contributed to better parking systems. Living in the Bay Area, I know how what a challenge that is!

Entryless helps business people and their accountants. Sometimes we are adopted directly by a business person. Accountants also include us in their offering to clients. Either way, businesses often have a pretty massive realization after they have adopted Entryless. They were spending a ton of time on their accounts payable that did not really move their business forward.

With our bill payment systems, they become more effective in every part of their business. They took for granted the amount of time they would have to do busy work, getting their suppliers paid. Now, that energy goes toward more productive pursuits.

There is other busy work in our lives, other manual processes that could be automated. Entryless and Sukanta are going to continue to expand the amount of Entryless-ness in your work.

Automation is about freeing up your energy for other efforts. Entryless is about finding those opportunities and devising a solution that works with the way you work.

If you run a business, if you are an accountant, watch this space for our future innovation.

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