In recent posts, we have noted that automation frees up accountants to focus on more high value services for their clients. Even with automation increasing across the industry, accountants in the US have just a 3.6% unemployment rate and the profession continues to grow steadily. Automation is needed to free up accountants for more valuable work.

Joseph M. Falbo Jr., president of the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants, had this to say to the Buffalo News about the role of the modern accountant. While an accountant used to just deliver tax returns and financial statements, Falbo says that accountants are definitely taking a more hands on and advisory approach with their clients.

“It’s all of the additional business advice and the counseling that we bring to the table,” said Falbo. “We’re now doing risk assessment. We’re now doing IT assessment. It’s not just a financial audit anymore. We’re involved with the internal controls of corporations across the country.”

Every business owner wants to see their bottom line increase, and now accountants help them understand how that can happen. With automation taking care of the tedious parts of the accounting business, accountants can put their considerable knowledge and expertise to work.

Accounting might seem like it’s all about the numbers, but an accountant’s clients can benefit by understanding what those numbers mean. This means that accounting is more than just numbers and reports. Because of automation, their clients are now benefiting more and more from accountants’ skills.