As Accounting Degree Review points out, today’s accountant is a business consultant instead of a number cruncher. With automation and advanced computing doing so much of the drudge work, the modern accountant has bandwidth for multiple businesses and clients. That means you need to to access information for all of your clients and companies to be fast and always available.

Automating Email for Multiple Businesses

When you automate the accounting process, you gain accuracy, reliability, and timely financial information. You also eliminate needless paper from your workflow. Technology still leaves gaps that can be closed through automation, and your inbox is in danger of becoming one of them. With Entryless Inbox, you don’t need to sort bills manually into different mailboxes or processes for each company!

Entryless Inbox processes incoming bills by using a different email address for each company. This helpful feature makes sure that all incoming bills end up in the review queue for their respective companies automatically.

Assigning Staff to Clients

As your business grows, you will add more accountants, bookkeepers, and staff. Adding multiple businesses in Entryless allows you to divide your staff into teams. This provides powerful organization while still offering the convenience of having all of your clients collected in the same Entryless account.

We make assigning staff to clients easy. You can do it right in the company configuration screen. You can keep your teams organized and your clients’ finances up-to-date all in one place.

Get Started with Multiple Companies Now!

Sign up with Entryless and process up to 300 bills per month for each of your client companies for free! Once you’re signed up, check out our tutorial on how to set up multiple companies in Entryless.