Manually processing bills is one of the most boring and labor-intensive tasks an accountant deals with. However, bill processing is necessary in order to run your business, understand finances, and to enable business growth. Because manual bill processing is so laborious, it’s slow.

Most business managers will make choices with the information they have available. If their accountants are behind, their choices will be made with old financial data. This means they are relying on questionable business metrics instead of solid numbers describing the business’s financial health.

What if it was possible to process bills faster and realize an accurate, up-to-date financial picture of the business at any time? That would mean that business managers could make intelligent, informed decisions, enabling their businesses to grow at a healthy rate while increasing operational efficiency.

Entryless strives to eliminate the bottleneck of manual bill processing. This enables accountants to save hours of work while providing their clients with a more accurate, current financial picture. With Entryless automating bill processing, business managers have useful financial information that they can use to forecast inventory, sales, and cash flow.

Scrubbed, an Entryless customer, uses automatic bill processing to do just that. Read more about how Scrubbed is able to provide their clients with clean, insightful accounting books in The Art of Entryless.

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