13 Badass Immigrants In Technology

Mike Galarza wants to make accounting pain-free.

Originally from Mexico, Mike Galarza left in 2009 to pursue an internship in San Jose, Calif. Galarza later went on to work at a larger company, where he was in charge of accounting.

In 2010, Galarza attended a talk by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel at Stanford University, where he shared the story of founding PayPal. Galarza decided it was time to pursue entrepreneurship.

“[…] After that, I could not see the future the same way I was seeing it before,” Galarza said via email. “That’s when I decided to take the rocky path of entrepreneurship.”

Last February, Galarza graduated from The Founder Institute in Silicon Valley and now runs an accounting service called Entryless.

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