Collating bills. Every business has a different format and method that they use for sending bills. Some use fax while others use emailing as a way to send out their bills. Each has a different layout, which are susceptible to human error when the entries do not match your format.

Incorrect classification. In many cases, manual entries are entered in incorrect sections because of a novice handling entries in a department. This not just creates confusion but may have dire financial consequences, especially at the time of audit and payments.

An automated system like Entryless can resolve your problem, as nobody can overlook the high overheads and incompetence of having staff spending so much time entering bills, getting the necessary signatures for approval of payment, file bills and retrieve them. This activity increases the processing time and the cost. However, businesses can no longer afford to spend so much on this nonproductive activity.

Entryless leads to bookkeeping data entry elimination, your bills get entered into your books, you reconcile and relax.

Easily obtain a financial snapshot of your business with high speed and accuracy.