May 4-8 is the 2015 National Small Business Week in the United States. This week is all about recognizing the important part that small businesses and entrepreneurs play in America. Small businesses create up to 80% of all new jobs in the United States every year. In fact, over half of Americans work for a small business. Small businesses are a key component to our thriving economy.

Small businesses have created more than 65% of new jobs in the United States since 1996.



Every business starts small, and the right tools help them succeed and grow. Entryless thrives on helping small businesses reach their potential. Our service saves businesses valuable time that they would otherwise spend manually processing bills.

“My monthly bill processing was cut down from 15 hours to 1 hour this month!” – Reinier Duraan – SumTotal Consulting

A small business needs to be efficient with its resources if it wants to flourish. Entryless reduces the need for additional resources by cutting down on bill processing time.

We are big believers in small businesses and we understand their role in the economy. To show our support, Entryless processes a business’s first 300 bills each month for free!

Entryless is giving businesses back their time so they can be more productive. Productive businesses make every nation thrive, and at Entryless, we help businesses thrive.

Entryless is proud to support small businesses. We invite you to sign up for Entryless today and start processing your bills automatically!