United to Automate—Entryless and Your Cloud Drive

Attention, accountants and bookkeepers! Entryless has taken the next step in bill pay automation and it’s a big one.

Think drag and drop is easy? You can now link Entryless with your favorite cloud file management platform. Save a file in Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive and you’re done. Next step is approval and processing.

Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive Entryless integration

From your dashboard, click on the Upload Bills button. Then choose your favorite cloud drive. It’s fast and easy.

Note: The cloud drive integration feature is available to premium Entryless subscribers. For a small monthly fee (Pricing Page) you can realize hours of savings a month with features like cloud drive integration and use our innovative bill payment service.

More Automation for You and Your Suppliers

The bill pay process can truly become fully automated. Once the invoice is saved, it’s ready to approve. Bill pay automation works with your team’s tools and links with procurement automation. You can assign a folder to each of your clients in whatever cloud drive that works best for them.

Bills get complicated if you do them manually, but automation simplifies the experience. Bills are a straight line: they start with the order and end with payment—approvals provide the bookends. Other than the ever-important approval, Entryless moves the bill receipt and payment process along without complications or confusion.

More Automation, More Flexibility

At Entryless, we understand everyone has their way of working. The cloud drive integration is yet another way to process bills. It joins the other methods already in place:

  • Dedicated Entryless email
  • Drag and drop web application
  • Mobile application, including camera upload.

This flexibility makes it even easier for more and more of your suppliers to adopt Entryless. The more suppliers automate, the more efficient your accountancy becomes. That’s why we keep adding new features to help you and your suppliers automate.

It’s Easy

Once you have selected the service you use for cloud storage, grant Entryless access.

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Select a folder to accept bills. Any item that is placed into that folder will be processed by Entryless. You’re ready to start approving bills in Entryless.

The Best Part

Everything syncs with your cloud accounting system. Once a bill is saved to your cloud drive, it’s in Entryless, so it’s synced with your cloud accounting platform. All automated! All you do is approve.

We won’t stop until there’s nothing left to automate. Accountants of the future, keep your eyes and ears peeled for even more new Entryless features. More coming soon.