Everyone knows a McDonald’s franchise will sell a lot of burgers and fries, but did you ever stop and think about what it takes to keep the fast food fast? These restaurants are constantly taking deliveries and receiving services necessary to keep customers coming back.


That means bills, lots of them.

One of Malaysia’s leading cloud accounting providers, eXtracc works with many of that country’s McDonald’s franchisees to help keep them on the right financial track. “We provide value by helping each restaurant gauge its business performance,” said eXtracc’s Director of Business Development, Aiman Ezanee.

How Do We Deal With So Much Data?

To provide that analysis, eXtracc has to carefully record every transaction from each franchise. This proved to be a huge job, since the restaurants generated a combined three thousand accounts payable (AP) bills per month and required six hours a day on average to manually enter them.

“These franchises are fast moving operations,” said Ezanee. “Our analysis has to be more than insightful. It must be timely.” The need for speed often put great burden on the eXtracc personnel assigned cumbersome AP tasks. It got in the way of their higher valued consultative responsibilities.

“Our biggest challenge by far was data entry,” said Ezanee. ”We relied on the Xero cloud accounting platform for invoicing and accounting, but we needed an additional tool to help us with time-consuming accounts payable tasks.”

The search quickly led to one of Xero’s premiere service partners, Entryless.

Five Stars Lead to an Easy Decision

When Ezanee learned that Entryless was a five-star Xero partner, he took a closer look at the service. “Entryless had features like the dedicated email address that would make things easier not just for us, but for our clients and their suppliers as well,” said Ezanee.

eXtracc began using Entryless to create digital ledgers for its clients and saw an immediate reduction of AP labor. “We had up to six people at a time working on ledger entries,” said Ezanee. “Now, with slick features like drag and drop, AP is 70% automated.”

eXtracc can now direct its professional resources at providing timely, insightful analysis to its client base—a base that can once again grow.

AP Automation Fuels Growth

“Before we started using Entryless, we didn’t have the resources to take on new clients,” said Ezanee.

Automation has allowed eXtracc to scale. With data entry no longer a burden on staff, Ezanee is free to expand the client base and be confident about maintaining consistent quality of service for all of them.

“Entryless has allowed us to grow our business.”


 Aiman Ezanee – eXtracc’s Director of Business Development




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