Companies and Entryless

Create As Many Companies As You Need

Entryless wants automating bills to be easy for every business. If you have multiple clients, entities, companies, branches, and divisions, bill entry and management can be even more complicated. We architected Entryless to work for people who manage multiple businesses.

Each Business Is Unique

To match the real world, each business is configured separately in Entryless. They have their own attributes and can function totally independent of others under the same master account.

Each Company In Entryless Has Unique…

  • Cloud accounting synchronization settings
  • Entryless email account
  • Users and user roles access settings
  • Tax settings

That means that one company can synchronize with Xero while another integrates with Zoho Books or QuickBooks. One can be subject to tax while the other is not. An employee of one company can review bills but not have access to another business under the same master account. We want Entryless to accurately reflect your companies and give you centralized access.

Before You Begin

You can set up another company once you have created your Entryless account.

Adding Your Second Company

In your Master account (the account you created when you signed up for Entryless) you can create as many businesses as you need for no additional charge.

  1. In the user menu on the upper right, click CPA Settings.
  2. To add a company, type the name of the company and then click Add Company.
  3. To remove a company, click it in the drop-down list and then click Remove Company.

Entryless -CPA Settings

The CPA Settings dialog allows you to add and remove companies within your master account.


Switching Between Companies

Web Application

To switch between companies while using the Entryless web application,

  • Click the current company name on the top right of the window,
  • Then click the company you wish to switch to.

Entryless -Company Dropdown

Switch between companies by clicking the current company on the top navigation bar.

Mobile Application

Switching works similarly in the mobile application. In the left navigation, click the company name to switch between companies.

Entryless -Mobile Company Dropdown

Mobile Entryless users can access multiple companies, too.

Configure Each Company

Once you have selected your new company, configure it as you did your first company, adding a cloud accounting system synchronization, users, and tax information. Claim a unique Entryless email for each company. Feel free to add as many companies as you need!

ENTRYLESS -Company Settings

Each company is configured separately with their own attributes.


Add all your companies now.