When you claim an email address for your company in Entryless, suppliers and vendors can email bills directly to your company in Entryless.

When a new bill arrives via email to your Entryless Inbox, you’ll see an icon in the menu bar.
You can click the icon and then click See All to go to your inbox.

When you open your Entryless Inbox, you’ll see a list of bills that have been submitted via email. In the left column, you see the name of the sender and the subject of the email. The green checkmark indicates that Entryless is already processing this bill for review.

If you click a bill in the list, you can see more information about the email, including the sender’s email address and any accompanying email message.

The bill appears as an attachment beneath the email.

You can send a reply directly from within Entryless and even attach a file. Meanwhile, Entryless is processing the bill and will make it ready for review and approval soon.