Entryless is designed to work in a multi-user environment where business people and accountants collaborate. Your bill information is too important to simply share a single password. User rights can be changed or revoked at any time.

Don’t worry, we don’t charge per user. Assign them to each individual that is a part of your workflow. They can be at the accounting firm and the client front office. Wherever bills are received, entered, reviewed, approved, or paid.

We have four user types. Assigning the right type to staff allows people to do the work they need without granting them unnecessary rights.

Approvers: Business People Viewing Bills

Approvers can only approve bills for a single company. If the Entryless account is under an accountant, then each client user can be assigned the approver role. They can submit bills and review them. They do not have access to other companies or any Entryless administrative rights.

Admin: Create New Users in a Company

Admins can be assigned in a company to create new approvers within that company. Like the Approvers they can not select another company. Assign the Admin role to a key user inside of a client company so that they can assign and remove other users as people are assigned Entryless tasks.

CPA Jr: Work on Multiple Companies

Within an accounting firm, staff assigned the CPA Junior role can work on multiple client companies. This would typically be the role of someone entering and checking bills within Entryless. They can also create new Admin and Approver users.

CPA: The Boss

The CPA role is the owner of the Entryless account. Users with the CPA role can create new companies and create new users at all other levels.

Adding a New User

  1. To add a user, in the user menu on the upper right, click CPA JR Settings and then click Add Users.
  2. Type in the email address of the user you want to add and then select the user role from the Type drop-down box. If you want to grant access to a specific company right now, you can click the company name in the Company drop-down box and then click Add User.
  3. When you click Add User, we’ll create a password for the user and send them an email letting them know they can log into Entryless.

entryless user roles