Good accounts payable is fast. AP can be a tiresome hassle. You need to keep track of a large amount of data to make sure that only legitimate and accurate amounts are recorded in your accounting process. The AP process has been an integral part of accounting since credit was first invented, and now Entryless is working to alleviate centuries’ worth of accountants’ headaches.

The Importance of AP

You can’t over-emphasize the importance of AP to a company’s bottom line. The accuracy of a company’s financial well-being is utterly dependent on AP. This means that the only way a company knows how its books look is if its accountants are on top of their AP game. A perfect AP process will be fast and accurate, but those two attributes can be mutually exclusive.

Good AP is Fast

Manually processing invoices and bills can eat up a lot of working hours. Manual invoice processing can take days! Entryless doesn’t want you to manually process any bills. They should be automatically read, analyzed, and entered into your accounting system with the smallest human effort possible. Our automated system processes bills while you’re taking care of other business tasks. Entryless can process electronic bills in seconds, and everything else is processed in less than 24 hours.

Good AP is Accurate

Accuracy is closely tied to the amount of time it takes to process bills. If you are days behind on invoice processing, then your clients are days behind having an accurate picture of their company finances. Accuracy can also be about simple human error. Entryless works to reduce and eliminate human error through automatic bill processing.

The Entryless technology stack uses cutting-edge modern techniques to accurately process bills and invoices. In fact, our team of engineers works constantly to discover new ways to improve accuracy and speed, bringing the AP of the future to our customers today.

Sign up for free with Entryless today, and see how we add speed and accuracy to your AP process. And remember, the first 300 bills per month are processed forever free!