Everyone knows the busy accounting season. From January through April 15, business customers don’t expect to walk into their accountants’ offices and see clear desks, and they don’t expect to get a chance to sit down and talk financial strategy. Their accountants are too tied up with the repetitive work of closing out the year and preparing taxes. The partnership between Intuit’s QuickBooks Online and Entryless, a groundbreaking bill automation cloud solution, just might make a strategic conversation possible any time of the year.

Entryless (entryless.com) announced today that its QuickBooks Online integration is now available in the QuickBooks Apps center (appcenter.intuit.com/entryless). Its goal is to help accountants scale their practices beyond the manual process of bill entry and paper pushing.

Intuit QuickBooks Entryless

Accountants and their customers can send bills in any format to a dedicated Entryless email address or upload them through a browser or mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. Entryless captures the bills automatically and translates them into each software’s proprietary format. Clients then only need to audit and approve the bills.

Entryless for QuickBooks, Xero, ZohoBooks

Along with QuickBooks, Entryless integrates with several other major cloud accounting platforms.

Entryless has already proven that its solution scales to large clients. One of Malaysia’s largest cloud accounting companies is eXtracc. Director of Business Development Aiman Ezanee uses Entryless as his bill automation solution for a large group of McDonald’s franchises in Malaysia. As you might imagine, the sheer number of bills kept a full team of data-entry staff busy when done manually.

“We had up to six people at a time working on ledger entries,” said Ezanee. “Now, with slick features like drag and drop, AP is 70% automated.”

Entryless’ founder, Mike Galarza, worked in the trenches before creating his company and saw the same problems firsthand. He managed finance and accounting at a large manufacturing company and watched the accounts payable process gobble up large chunks of his team’s time, even with top-of-the-line accounting systems.

“Before we came around, the bill automation options only offered partial solutions. They only worked with some suppliers, and there were large startup costs that often kept businesses from buying the software,” Galarza said. “We want to solve every company’s payables issues, and solve them quickly.”

Galarza noted that QuickBooks boasts a robust program specifically for accountants called ProAdvisor, which parent company Intuit says has over 65,000 subscribers. He said that integrating with QuickBooks Online became a priority for Entryless, to provide a seamless solution for this market segment.

Jason Cannon of Figures UK (http://www.figuresuk.co.uk/) uses Entryless and sees the vision of that mythical goal: a clean desk and time to consult with clients.

“As accountants, Entryless is where we need to be in the future,” he said. “I think that the days of basic compliance accounting are behind us. With Entryless, I can consult with my clients and offer insight to help them improve their business.”

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