We have some new and exciting features! We continue to add product features to make your life easier by making Entryless more robust and easier to use. We continue to speak and listen to our customers and take action on the feedback we receive directly.

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One of our most-awaited features has been released! You can now specify the currency of the invoice for individual suppliers.

Currencies can be saved for individual suppliers, this way you can select a specific currency for future invoices. Entryless will sync the currency to your cloud accounting according to the currency you’ve chosen.

Upload Page Redesign

We have changed some flows to make navigation far more accessible to upload documents, set up your cloud accounting and storage with Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.

Check Stub (USA Version)

Your checks can now be printed and sent out alongside a full list of invoices being paid listed by Invoice number paid.

The supplier address is now also being synced from your cloud accounting package, this way when you Pay by Check for the first time for any of your suppliers in Entryless, the supplier address to be printed on the check will be automatically filled.

Tracking Categories & Classes

Besides multi-tagging one invoice to various Tracking Categories & Classes and auto-applying the selection for future invoices, you can now also remove the Tracking Categories & Classes association to individual suppliers.

Bill Rejection Email

From time to time you might receive a bill that you want to reject due to numerous reasons, now we give you the ability to reject the bill and send it back to your supplier or the sender of the invoice.

This feature is optional! You can turn it ON by going to your Settings page and then click on Company Settings > Company Info > Notify Bill Reject. The email address you include on the rejection will receive the invoice attached (PDF, PNG or JPG) to the email.

There are many more features coming up!

Happy automating,

The Entryless Team