As you might have already read. Our CEO has recently been speaking directly with some of our customers! He’s been hearing them and enjoyed the conversations on the areas to improve and to prioritize features.

We are very excited that we’ve been very busy by adding tons of features coming directly from our customers and improving the product massively. Perhaps you’ve already seen some of the features!

If you are curious about the new features and improvements, take a sneak peek at some of them:

Error Reporting

  1. 99.9% accuracy might mean you get one bill wrong, and this means you can now send items back for reprocessing by reporting an error from the Bulk Approval or Side-by-Side. Once you report the mistake, we will fixit within seconds.

Supplier Tagging

  1. We used to have an issue with the supplier names. For example, if you had Verizon but the real name on the bill was Verizon, Inc, we would then create a new supplier named Verizon, Inc and we would disregard your saved supplier Verizon -which is why we alerted you about a new supplier for you to review.
  2. We have fixed this ongoing issue, and it is now a thing of the past, if this happens, you would only need to “teach” Entryless you want it to be Verizon and not Verizon Inc.

Supplier Rules

  1. Sync Method: Send bills as Draft or Approved to Xero, simply head to Supplier Rules under Settings main menu.
  2. Classes and Tracking Categories: Now you can auto-tag them by turning this feature on by going to the Settings menu, then Supplier Rules.
  • When On: Association will be remembered for all of the Suppliers.
  • When Off:  Association can be set on the individual vendor from contacts menu.
  • Individual Assignment When Off: You can assign individual suppliers by going to left menu Contacts and checking the box of any individual Supplier.

New Settings Page

  1. We’ve nested all settings under one main Settings menu, and thiswill make things easier for you to find and customize Entryless according to your accounting needs.

Global Payments

  1. Now you can mark bills as paid in Entryless. You might havenoticed a new menu named “Payments.” We will include this functionality on our bill approval screens as well.

Dashboards Custom Date Selection

  1. Before, your dashboards were static as per current month, movingforward you can customize the date and go back in time to pull relevant processing data.

Bank Accounts & Payments

  1. Add your bank accounts from within the app, and the verification is done fast and securely. Go to the Settings menu, click on Bank Accounts and follow the prompts.
  2. QBO Online: Now we sync the actual Check number to match what Entryless prints.

Deleting Bills

  1. Now you can delete bills from the Processing queue if you haveuploaded them by error.

Email Bubble Box

  1. Previously, the red bubble box was showing a number of unreademails in your Entryless Inbox; we’ve changed that! Now, when the email gets in and Entryless process the contents of the email, we mark the emails as read.

Double Tracking Categories for Xero

  1. You can now tag two different Tracking categories in one single expense line by using the Side-by-Side review.

What’s coming next:

  1. Multi-currency
  2. Line by line item capture
  3. Optional: Tax calculation and Due date as per cloud accounting settings instead of bill data
  4. Check printing stub with all the list of invoices being paid, instead of just the memo on the check.
  5. Like to see more features? Shoot us an email to with your request!

Happy automating!