Cloud accounting offers important benefits over its old-fashioned alternatives. Most importantly, it saves you time and money. Cloud software provides smooth transitions and upgrades as the technology advances, which means that switching over right now will save you even more time and money in the future.

Moving to a cloud accounting platform seems like a big step. Software migrations like that can take lots of time and effort, and there is always the uncertainty of the change. Will it be worth my time? Will I be losing money and capabilities for my clients? Luckily, cloud accounting software has been around long enough that we can look at the numbers and see that you will begin saving time and money right away.

Getting Started

The first step is picking a cloud accounting package. There are a number of them out there, but these are our favorites:

Once you’ve set up your cloud accounting software, you’re nearly there. Connecting Entryless is easy, and you can get started processing bills automatically right away. Once your Entryless account is connected, start using Entryless Inbox and your bills will be processed from supplier emails automatically!

Process More Bills For Free

Entryless is constantly improving and adding new features. Now, native PDF bills get processed faster, most within seconds. Transform your business, and leave behind scans and paper bills.

Until December 31st, Entryless will automatically process up to 2,000 bills per company for free! Sign up now to take advantage of this excellent offer.