Entryless Inbox keeps improving, with new processing features and consolidated emails.

New Format: Plain Text Emails

Automatic email processing already saves time and makes your job easier. Now it’s getting better. It’s getting smarter. The Entryless Inbox now processes even more formats of emailed bills. Along with receiving JPG, PDF, and PNG files as attachments, Entryless can process bills in plain text emails. No attachments needed.

No Learning Curve with Consolidated Emails

All of your emails and bills from suppliers are in one place. Entryless Inbox works just like your email, but it’s built exclusively to handle supplier bills. The bills are automatically downloaded, processed, and ready for your review. If you have questions, you can respond to suppliers directly from the Entryless Inbox, and your supplier gets an email from you.

Entryless bill payment inbox

QBO Classes & Tax Rates: Improved QuickBooks Online Integration

We have recently completed a more comprehensive integration with QuickBooks Online. Now you can use your QuickBooks Classes and Categories within Entryless while approving bills! For our users in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, this means that you can also specify your tax rates (VAT or GST), as well.

Your classes and tax rates will now sync seamlessly with Entryless! We have automatically updated your account, and you don’t have to do anything!

qbo classes

Xero Sync 

We have improved the Entryless <> Xero syncing mobile experience. With this upgrade, Entryless will sync to Xero your bill photos, pdfs or scans with no restriction on the original file size.

Technology Automates the Playing Field

Don’t forget to check out the latest post from Entryless CEO Mike Galarza on LinkedIn! He discusses the ways technology has made automation in business a new and exciting task, and leveled the playing field between large and small businesses. It’s an interesting read that you won’t want to miss!