Automation keeps you focused on the business, not factors outside of your control.

Uncertainty grows about the future of healthcare, debate rages on the difference between a border tariff versus a border adjustment tax , and vague regulatory reform  lurks in the shadows. As all of this begins to take shape, businesses can be sure of only one thing—change is coming.

I recognize my bias as a technologist, but that doesn’t mean I’m not right about the need for businesses to automate as many routine and semi-routine processes as possible. The more your organization depends on manual processes or responds to change in a reactionary fashion, the more at risk you are in uncertain times.

When market conditions change, I presume business leaders would want to spend their resources and energy capitalizing on the opportunities presented by that change. Needlessly focusing inward on questions of taxation or compliance serves only one purpose—put your business in catch-up mode. Automating routine processes across your operation helps keep your efforts aimed at increased growth and improved profitability.

If you know in advance how a potential disruption will impact your operation, you can make a contingency plan and execute it when the time is right. That’s the power of automation.

Those who know me know my passion and expertise are focused squarely on intelligent automation of accounting processes. Accounting is, after all, math. There are a finite number of contingencies. An intelligent automation tool should be able to tolerate most or all of them without diverting attention away from the broader strategic focus.

Uncertain times naturally invite speculation. I’d very much prefer the next “What if…?” conversation taking place in offices, lunchrooms, or board rooms be about capitalizing on opportunity, not debating which component supplier to use on a given product or service.

Change Brings Opportunity

When the sands shift, chance favors the prepared business. The more systems you have automated, the less time you spend reacting—putting your company in a better position to capitalize on opportunity, faster. Whether the last six months of global political upheaval produce massive or minimal change, I’m advising all my clients to prepare. And by prepare, I mean automate. Intelligently.