Get ready, New Orleans. Entryless Founder and accounting automation enthusiast Mike Galarza is on his way to Scaling New Heights 2015. At this advanced training for Intuit users, Mike is running a training session that identifies automation as a critical component for growing an accounting business.

During a power breakfast on Monday June 22nd, Mike will show you how an accountancy seeking to grow its business needs to improve operational efficiency. Repetitive, manual tasks are the enemy of opportunity and rob you of the time that is better spent on growing your business. That is what your business consultant keeps telling you, isn’t it?

We know that the accountant relying on traditional methods spends 80% of his or her time on the modern day equivalent of paper shuffling: repetitive, laborious tasks that must be done accurately but do not demonstrate much value to clients.

Mike will talk about how automation can transform repetition into efficiency. In one case study, a successful accountancy in the United Kingdom now serves 250 clients with a staff of 3. Accountants seeking to automate are not “working themselves out of a job.” Instead, they handle accounts payable efficiently and spend their creative energy helping clients with strategy.

Followers of this blog know that Mike is passionate about automation. That is why he founded Entryless. Attendees will get to experience his dynamism in person and learn why he was named a “Badass Immigrant in Technology” by Business Insider. He looks forward to opportunities to share his thoughts on the future of accounting automation. Over breakfast, attendees will get to learn how they can prepare their company for the clients of the future.

Information like this can transform a company. That is a good enough reason to attend, but how about the chance to get your hands on an Apple Watch? Attendees will have the chance to win one of two Apple Watches we are giving away during the breakfast.

The 50-minute power breakfast session starts at 7am.