It feels pretty good to pack a room, but to do it at 7am feels even better. On the first day of the advanced Intuit training conference Scaling New Heights 2015, I had the privilege of speaking to a room full of accountants interested in something I love to talk about: The connection between automation and business growth.

For some, automation is not the first thing that comes to mind for growing their business. Some people think to prioritize marketing or hiring first. However, we got a lot of heads nodding in agreement when I started talking about increasing operational efficiency.

Power Breakfast Learning Objectives

Of course, we have to consider the concerns of people afraid  they could “automate themselves out of a job.” The accountants that have adopted Entryless don’t see it that way. They give the clients the same value in less time. They can offer higher value strategic input for their clients. One accountant said it perfectly:

Now more than ever accountants are key in the ecosystem, now we can triple down on revenue by serving more companies with less staff and effort than what it used to take to serve them. Thrilling times coming, we totally are in an inflection point for our industry.

I agree! These talks are really fun for me, because it is great to see how much of a difference we can make for accountants. I have been in their shoes and I started Entryless to solve what I really think is one of the greatest problems for businesses today.

I am thrilled to hear all the knowledge that Mike has shared with us. We are not learning just from him, but from thousands of companies Entryless is helping, and most importantly, thousands of accountants around the world….It is crazy to think one accounting firm in the UK is serving 250 businesses with a staff of three, we gotta do better than that.

Entryless Power Breakfast

Scaling New Heights has been a great experience. We are staying for the whole show, talking with Intuit users about automating their bill payments.

This is a busy week for us since we are also announcing Entryless Seamless B2B Payments that expands our service to include the easiest, most cost effective way to pay suppliers. If you are in New Orleans for the show, come down and learn how we can close the loop for bills, suppliers, and payments.