Earlier this year at the Scaling New Heights conference in New Orleans, I sat down with Joe Woodard to discuss accounting automation. I’ve since enjoyed numerous discussions about how technology is shaping the future of our industry.

We Need Automation

We all know the speed of commerce has been accelerating for years. It wasn’t that long ago when your clients were using telephones and fax machines to order from suppliers. Now, with auto-replenishment tools, automated inventory control software, and one-click mobile ordering, most businesses process a higher volume of bills than they did just a few years ago.

Simply put, there are more transactions to account for than there used to be. Reliance on manual processes is costing you time, money, and potential new clients. Entryless knows that automation will move accounting into the future. Our powerful, automated bill processing platform eliminates the need for tedious busywork previously associated with paying supplier bills.

Embrace the Future of Accounting

During my conversation with Joe, we talked about the fact over 75% of all American businesses are manually processing bills, receiving them by snail mail or email in the form of PDFs. For anything more than a handful of bills each month, this practice will have a negative impact on your accountancy.

As the speed of business continues to accelerate, it will require more and more effort for manual processes to keep up. Accountancies will eventually have only two options, embrace automation or be steamrolled by a higher and higher volume of supplier bills.

We recognized a need for automation in bill processing, and that’s how Entryless was born. Entryless is now one of the leaders in bill automation, processing billions of dollars per year in B2B expenses.

Automation and the Accountant of the Future

The accounting industry is at a turning point right now. Our clients expect and rely on the efficiencies provided by technology. If they are realizing the benefits of automation in their sales departments, production facilities, and logistical operations, what makes us think they won’t demand the same from us?

We can’t continue to be the accountant from five years ago. We must become the accountants of tomorrow. Technology and automation will not erase the need for accountants, but it will change what our clients expect from us.

More automation means an accountant can serve more customers with the same staff and without adding any burden to the organization. Your accountancy generates more revenue by not only serving more customers, but by focusing on strategic advice instead of paper pushing. Automation and technology will turn accountants into the business’s greatest champion—supercharged by the modern tools they will have at their disposal.

With more technology to leverage, things are only going to get better. Entryless will be there to help.