Automation Helps Scrubbed Create Consistent Client Growth

The founders of Scrubbed chose its name to illustrate their vision: clients deserve accounting books that are scrubbed clean. Scrubbed can move its clients beyond the simple commodity bookkeeping and provide business insight from a financial perspective. They knew this meant thinking outside the box and a willingness to quickly integrate new technologies.

Scrubbed started with a trusted core staff. Their founders had excelled at the Big 4 accounting firms. That experience informed their client processes, caring for the core requirements of business owners and managers. They knew they could offer more: more insight and less friction. Technology was going to be the key.

Scrubbed has been able to eliminate 80% of the accounts payable process. The ripple effect has been helping clients and their clients’ suppliers work more efficiently too.

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Business Partner Instead of Paper Pusher

Without innovation, co-founders Gani Laguisma and Mark Pineda allow that their company would have been doing “the same thing we’ve been doing all these years,” all their efforts going toward holding the line on bookkeeping. Scrubbed wanted to scale their own business, but under that model, they would have had to hire new people to keep up.

Laguisma and Pineda believed they had the right people and the right processes. The founders have over 20 years combined experience as key players at a Big 4 accounting firm. Looking for places to improve has become second nature. “We just didn’t have the right technology until Entryless came along,” Pineda said.

“Technology is a beautiful thing when it works,” Laguisma said, “and Entryless is just like artwork to us.”

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Scrubbed staff now sets up all their new clients with Entryless accounts. They then instruct vendors to start e-mailing invoices directly to their Entryless inbox. All Scrubbed needs to do is approve transactions and issue payments. The time they save allows Scrubbed to spend more time on partnering with clients, managing cash flow, and giving financial advice.

Entryless Sets the Stage for Growth

Entryless helped Scrubbed hone their manual accounts payable (AP) processes down to one-fifth of the time. Entryless also sets Scrubbed up for future growth.

“With Entryless, Scrubbed was able to grow the business organically, using the resources that it already has,” said Pineda.

Time Savings for CPA, Client, and Supplier

Entryless empowers Scrubbed to save not only its own time but the time of their clients and clients’ suppliers. It means a better bottom line for everyone involved. The software lets everyone know where they stand financially in real time.

Entryless allows us to eliminate a lot of steps in our clients’ payment processing and preserve our own sanity. We are able to spend time with clients as true advisors and partners of their business,” said Languisma. “Entryless empowers us and our clients.”

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