Here at Entryless we believe that it is time for our accountant clients to move up the value chain. Gene Marks at Forbes seems to agree.

In a recent article, Gene mentioned, “Your accounting costs are too high and you can fix that.” That article praised modern innovations in accounting automation, saying, “The time of accounting technology has come.” Automated data entry in particular can significantly reduce time spent on low value tasks, freeing up valuable resources for more productive work.

Prior to the introduction of the spreadsheet, the ten-key was the cornerstone of accounting automation. Today, a new generation of innovation has taken accounting to the cloud, delivering sophisticated tools for bookkeeping and data processing. Automation now streamlines the business of being an accountant by freeing up time and resources for more productive use.

Automation tools can now easily make an accountant ten times more efficient. They can each deliver higher value service to more clients by focusing on intelligent accounting rather than mundane tasks.

No accountant yearns for a return to labor intensive days of the ten-key. Innovation and automation have made tax season something to celebrate rather than dread. Gone is the painstaking data entry into a massive double-entry ledger. New, efficient technology—the fruits of automation—save every accountant loads of time and money.

Going back is not an option.

Accountants are embracing today’s technology, because using it means they can work smarter, faster, and more cost effectively.