Entryless provides a number of features that makes the interface between accountant and client seamless and convenient. The level of communication it provides saves time and effort for everybody.

Both clients and accountants can process and approve bills. This can be done with Entryless Inbox, the Entryless mobile app, or the standard web interface. Entryless supports unlimited users for each business. Clients can be added as “Approver”-level users, leaving clear audit trails for better record keeping.

In addition to bill processing, the Entryless mobile app provides other powerful tools for clients. With the app, a client can quickly get a clear picture of the business’s current financial status and outstanding bills.

Some clients won’t have the time or inclination to directly use Entryless, which is where the power of Entryless Inbox comes into play. Instead of delivering stacks of printed bills to accountants, clients can instead forward emailed and electronic bills directly to Entryless Inbox. This saves time for both accountant and client.

With unlimited number of businesses and clients in Entryless, one accountant can easily interface with dozens of contacts in each business with no extra effort or cost. Clients can interact with Entryless at the level they choose. We can (and do) revolutionize the interaction between client and accountant, with each client having powerful tools and a more complete financial picture available.

If you offer your clients the power of Entryless, both you and your client reap the rewards.