Small businesses employ a lot of people. Over half of the workers in the United States work for small businesses and the number continues to grow. We are in the middle of a technological revolution in small business, one where modern cloud-based technology is changing the way these businesses work. It’s a trend that will keep going!

Small businesses will be able to achieve as much as larger ones. Automated telecom systems will receive incoming phone calls, texts, and emails, then hand them off to cloud-based applications to schedule meetings and appointments. We are already in an age with nearly ubiquitous connectivity. What will that mean in the future as our computers and devices become even more connected?

The small business probably won’t have an office. With everything done via distributed cloud computing, and the speed of Internet connections constantly rising, businesses will become even more virtual. The availability of telepresence robots will mean that you can attend meetings remotely, and even walk around the room and interact with people, all without leaving your house.

Even transportation and package delivery will change. Multiple companies are testing driverless cars, and Amazon made a big splash recently when they talked about delivering packages by drone. Not only that, but affordable 3D printers mean that many products will never need to be shipped—they will be delivered digitally and constructed at the consumer’s home automatically.

While true artificial intelligence may remain in the realm of science fiction, computers will become sophisticated and more responsive. Think of the power of Siri and Google Voice, and imagine what that will mean in ten or fifteen years. We will be able to talk to the computers that run our businesses just like Captain Picard talked to the Enterprise.

With robots, virtual assistants, and intelligent computers, the high-tech future of the small business is approaching more rapidly every day. In fact, we see this in process automation today. This is why Entryless works so hard to help remove tedious manual steps in running a business—our automation helps enable the advanced business of tomorrow.