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If anyone understands small business accounting, it’s Gene Marks. As an author, columnist, speaker, CPA, and small business owner himself, Gene guides business leaders of all kinds toward smart, long-term money-making decisions for their organizations. He’s been a guest on MSNBC and FOX Business, and his writing has appeared in news outlets like The New York Times, Forbes, Inc., and The Washington Post.


We recently had the honor of co-sponsoring an exclusive webinar by Gene entitled “The Next Two Years: Your Cash Flow.” Attended by scores of business owners, executives, managers, and accountants around the world, the webinar plunged into several in-depth financial strategies that any company—in any economy—can use to increase their cash flow.

Topics covered included:

  • Receivables management
  • Outsourcing
  • Crowdfunding, lending, private grants, and other new sources of capital
  • Accounts payable automation

And that’s only a small cross section of what Gene had to offer our audience. It was truly a can’t-miss webinar, and I’d like to once again thank everyone who attended.

Missed the Webinar? Get Our Recording on Demand

If you, ahem, missed out on our can’t-miss webinar with Gene Marks, don’t despair: we recorded the whole thing. Yes, you can access “The Next 2 Years: Your Cash Flow” for free, any time you want, and hear Gene’s uncommonly frank and practical accounting wisdom for yourself.

In addition to the topics above, you’ll learn how top-performing businesses create forecasts and conduct audits, which IRS rules and penalties you should be aware of, what emerging technology solutions deserve your attention, and why being smart about your payables is an essential component of managing your cash flow. At the end of these information-packed 45 minutes, you’ll walk away with cash-saving strategies you can implement today.

Speaking of emerging technology, there’s a lot to learn about Entryless and other automated accounting solutions here as well! Thanks to Gene’s no-nonsense advice, more than a hundred attendees signed up for our platform immediately following the live webinar, and we’re continuing to see a wave of new users join in its wake.

Here’s what Gene had to say about the necessity of automating your accounts payable:

“Great technologies like Entryless can extract data from a scanned document, put that in a form for you to review and approve, and immediately bring it into your accounting system. This type of technology helps you reorganize your accounting department and make people more useful. I know that sounds harsh, but when the next recession comes—and it will come—those companies operating at the lowest level of overhead and the most efficiency are the ones who will survive. The smart business owners I know are investing in applications like that.”—Gene Marks, Founder and CEO of Marks Group

Gene Marks


As you can see, Gene isn’t the kind of guy who minces words, but he does know what his audience needs to hear.

Do yourself, your business, and your clients a favor and set aside some time to listen—or re-listen—to this presentation.

Watch the webinar.