Accounting in the Year 2115

What will accounting look like 100 years from now? Technology is advancing at a faster rate every day, and the changes are being felt in every industry, including accounting.

When we realize how much accounting has changed in the last 3 years, looking forward 100 years is exciting. You probably won’t need more parking for your clients’ flying cars, because they’ll communicate with your electronic assistant via 3-D video chat. However, it’s not just the technology that will change. Everything about the way you do business will be different.

Accounts payable and billing will not look the same. The way companies electronically communicate and pay bills will be completely different and probably fully automated. Money might be entirely digital. Perhaps we’ll all be using Bitcoin to manage of our finances.

Computers and the software running them will be completely different, too. They’ll never crash or break down and all technologies will interact with each other in harmonious glory. This might sound like wishful thinking, but the computers of tomorrow will be universally helpful. They will handle automation in ways we can only dream of!

Entryless tries to embody the future of accounting in its own design. We work toward more automation and more utilization of computing in accounting. Our automatic bill processing, for instance, strives to eliminate the old-fashioned, low-tech process of manually processing bills. Computers should be doing this work for us.

Accounting technology of the future will bring enormous computational power to the account’s fingertips. An accountant will be able to provide instant financial analysis based on real-time customer activity. Every piece of data the accountant needs will be readily available, including income, expenses, investments, and bills. In fact, intelligent software might do most of the analysis for you.

The future will bring more convenience, flexibility, and capabilities to accountants. As technology improves, Entryless will continue to move forward with it, bringing cutting-edge technology to our users.