Increasingly, it seems I spend more time hearing about technology solutions than anything else. I guess that makes sense, since I founded a business that delivers a technology solution and pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe the topic.

Business leaders constantly seek technologies that will simplify complex tasks, save time, and make secure data storage more economical. Since no single application will meet every operational challenge, even at the departmental level, you will inevitably require several.

While it may not matter if your marketing platform plays nice with the inventory management solution, some technologies must coexist within your IT ecosystem. So often, an individual application solves one problem while creating another. In those cases, you haven’t found a solution; you’ve just changed the conversation.

Technology Solving Problems Caused by Technology

We’ve all encountered these types of issues with technology. The new customer relationship management tool doesn’t integrate seamlessly with the web email portal after all, that kind of thing. When it happens, we often pragmatically develop workarounds to get the job done.

If you run a small business, workarounds consume your time and we all know what that means when it comes to your bottom line. The best way to avoid this problem is choose applications that play well with others.

Seamless Integration is Great, Self-Reliance is Better

I believe that businesses and innovators should spend more time evaluating integrations before applications are purchased and installed. Even if you are not thinking about customization now, look at the application program interfaces (APIs) for new applications. These are methods for other applications and programmers to talk to the application. They might allow custom reporting or integration between inventory and sales, for instance.

A commitment to their API suggests that a company is designing for real companies and will be able to connect with your unique needs. If technologies aren’t talking to each other, chances are there’s a person in an office translating for them and that’s costing you.

I may sound like I’m tooting my own horn here, but the Entryless platform automates accounts payable (AP) in a way increases operational efficiency in that department tenfold.

Sometimes, the solutions with the biggest impact come in smaller packages.

If Solutions Can’t Create Value, Don’t Call Them Solutions

If your technology infrastructure isn’t making things easy or easier at the tactical level, it’s time to reassess each component of it. I built a company around solving a problem that’s real for many companies. We automate AP while also improving responsiveness and eliminating inaccuracies.

That’s technology delivering a solution. I encourage you to look at your technologies and challenge them to do the same.

A Simple Idea, Effectively Executed, Creates Real Benefits

The Entryless platform solves a seemingly simple problem, one that had avoided a reliable automation solution for years. How do I cost effectively get all my bills in one place, in one digital format?

The answer turned out to be pretty simple: A dedicated email account for your bills.

Entryless receives all of your bills and readies them for your approval while you are doing more important things, like sleeping or spending time with your family. We take a time consuming—yet critical—task off your plate and that equals value.