Businesses across the world now have access to the most exceptional accountancy services through the power of the cloud, but as with any financial choice for companies, they are often slow to grasp such opportunities. However, a conservative approach to financials may be a trait of business in general, but there is still plenty to attract business to the cloud accounting industry, although it needs the right approach.

The challenge is twofold, overcoming resistance to something new, especially as it involves the financial operation of the business, and educating companies as to how cloud-based accounting can work to their benefit. That means differentiating the process from traditional accounting software and services, highlighting the benefits and reassuring potential users about other factors such as security and service continuity.

The resistance to cloud computing itself is one that can often come from a lack of understanding. Especially with their accounts, business leaders do not like to hand off competence to something they do not fully understand, and cloud accountancy can seem like a step too far. However, those same people are usually happy making full use of internet banking for every aspect of their business, and subsequently making the connection between the similarity of the two services, at least in how they are being provided; it is an excellent approach to lowering that resistance.

Similarly, the benefits of online banking can also be identified as benefits for cloud accounting, with instant data access anytime, anywhere, easy integration into existing systems, while maintaining the highest security on that data at all times. It also saves costs, both concerning time taken to manage the system and actual ongoing expenses too. Finally, because there is no software installed on any computer, the issues of malware and virus hacking of accounts is itself drastically reduced as well.

But while all that makes good copy for sales brochures, it is not enough to really change the accounting industry; cloud accounting needs something more. While the facts do stand for themselves, the industry has required a new philosophy to reinforce them to achieve the market penetration and success that is desired.

Instead of approaching business apologetically, acknowledging it is a different service but can perform the same, for success, a new philosophy is required. By focusing on things that cloud computing improves on and merely taking the approach that Cloud Accounting is the future because it is simply better, then potential clients can be guided through the advantages without comparisons that can bring about resistance.

It is easy to become caught up in the ‘new technology’ attitude, where explaining the new technology is integral to explaining the service itself, when in reality, the only thing that actually matters is the benefits of the service. By adopting that philosophy, that the service is simply better and will improve business operation and efficiency for clients, that fear of the unknown can be bypassed completely. That approach, one that brings the benefits to clients into sharp focus is key to the industry’s success in the medium term.