In the course of our year, few experiences are more energizing than the Xero Roadshows. After San Francisco in September, we headed east for the NYC edition.

The Xero users filling the 404 Event Space were treated to presentations by, among others, Xero Head of Accounting Amy Vetter (@AmyVetterCPA), David Emmerman (@EmmermanBoyle) of the forward thinking accounting firm Emmerman, Boyle & Assoc, and noted industry analyst Gene Marks (@GeneMarks).

Among all these great speakers, I had to stand up and present Entryless. It was daunting to think that I could follow these presenters, but I had a trick up my sleeve.

mike galarza

During my presentation, I not only showed Entryless’ bill management capabilities, I debuted our payment system. When business owners and accountants saw our unprecedented ability to pay bills in one business day and automatically update Xero, they went nuts. It was pretty cool; my drop-the-mic moment.

Xero brings a lot of great people together in the name of efficient and effective accounting. At the roadshow, I had a great conversation with Gene Marks about the future of accounting and how Entryless fits in.

I am very appreciative of the praise and support we get from people like Gene. Check out his regular Forbes and the New York Times about how technology affects business, and follow him on Twitter. Gene has a lot to say about integrating new tools into your business for the greatest benefit. He knows what he is talking about, too: Along with all his writing and speaking, he runs his own small business. He and I have a lot in common, believing that businesses can use technology to get smarter and more efficient.

gene marks

Particularly after we showed off the new payments feature, we were kept busy in the booth answering questions and demonstrating Entryless for the crowds of Xero users. We love these opportunities to get out and connect with users. It affirms that our mission means a lot to the accountants and businesses we serve.

After the show, we packed up at the end of the roadshow and headed back to the West Coast. We have a lot of work to do, with new features coming that will continue to automate repetitive tasks and make businesses more effective.

It is great to take a break and connect in person with the people we serve. Expect to see us out on the road again soon enough!