Among the many perks of partnering with numerous cloud accounting platforms are all the industry conventions you get to take part in. Last week, for instance, I had the pleasure of representing Entryless at Xerocon 2016 in San Francisco.

As a Xero partner for receipt management and automated accounts payable, I manned Entryless’ booth on the show floor throughout the conference. There, we held live demos of our OCR-based online bill transcription technology and showed attendees how seamlessly Entryless integrates with their accounting information in Xero.

Aside from our interactions on the show floor, I also enjoyed taking the opportunity to catch some excellent keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions about the future of accounting.

Whether you made it to Xerocon in SF or not, check out some of the highlights you may have missed:

The Entryless Xero App Booth

Want to attract hordes of accountants (and who doesn’t)? Show them the power of automation and bill scanning software with Xero integration. There was a continuous and lively stream of traffic to our booth, even during breakout sessions and moments when speakers took the stage.

Seeing Entryless live, attendees showed a keen interest in the way our platform is able to automate AP and receipt management in Xero. Whenever a demo was in progress, people would crowd around and ask questions. We wound up taking more than few attendees through personalized demos to address specific automation use cases.


Xerocon Speakers

One speaker who really stood out to me was Andy Lark, Xero’s Chief Marketing and Chief Revenue Officer. Andy spoke with boundless energy and passion about the power of the “network effect,” or the effect a product’s users have on that value of that product. He explained how networking accelerates product roadmaps and stimulates startup development, and showed us a variety of examples to demonstrate his point.

I immediately thought of the Entryless B2B Payments network, which certainly falls into the categories Andy mentioned. As more of our users adopt this automated billing and payment system, we can add new features at a faster rate. And thanks to our integration with Xero, we’re well on our way toward building a broad user base.

Our Extraordinary Customers

Finally, my favorite part of attending Xerocon and related events is the chance to connect with our present and future customers. While I enjoyed talking individually with every one of you who stopped by, what’s stuck with me was the level of excitement overall.

I can’t overstate the benefits our users tell me they’ve gained from intelligent AP automation. Accounts payable continue to be a serious thorn in the sides of accountants and bookkeepers, and I’m proud of the way that Entryless is able to bridge the gap between technological advances in the field and real-world, day-to-day business operations.

Plus, it’s always inspiring to see positive reactions to our accounts payable automation software in person. As she nodded and smiled along with each feature we demonstrated, one CPA from Sacramento couldn’t help but shout out: “Oh, this is good!” or, “That is just great!” or, “This will be a big time saver!” That kind of interaction with our customers is the number one reason we try to make it to Xerocon and similar events where and whenever possible.

I’d like to thank everyone we met at Xerocon as well as our partners at Xero for giving us the privilege to show off Entryless in San Francisco.

Didn’t get the chance to see our booth last week? You can find demos on Xero integration, payables automation, and more—or request a personalized demo for yourself—at our Webinars page.